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of news gathering in america and a nod to the first amendment. we did so well there so we decided to take it where the action is. we have a brand new museum called a the museum on pennsylvania avenue. it's a -- it's a 45 word sign out front with the words of the first amendment 'em blazed there. we think it's healthy for them to read that says congress shall make no law. we're attempting to put it in neon. >> it is flashing? >> it's not a tribute to journalists. we had a blogger say i'm not going to set foot in that museum until they do an extra special to copy editors. it is not about you. it is a museum of history but a different kind that reports what happened over the last several centuries through the eyes of journalists. so you get contemporary coverage of the assassination of kennedy and arrival of the beatles and the civil war and fascinating >> exactly. what have the visitors reactions been for the first year? exciting. we see the full range of course. tremendous amount of school groups and a lot of tourists visiting washingt washingto was. we bill ourselves as the world's most i
, and there are a lot of states in towns across america that are in this kind of a fix. with so many people out of work, they just don't owe the same amount of taxes. the government can't bring in the same amount. they're looking to cut however they can, but, you know, what happens when you start to lose some basic services? we'll watch those kinds of things very closely. makes a big difference when you can't count on safety. a lot of economists believe you can't have a flourishing economy if you don't have security in place. >>> even a small fender bender can be a big hit to your wallet depending on the kind of car you drive. the insurance institutes tested bumps at low speeds. they're looking at how did the bumper do in these small low crashes. maybe you're texting, not paying attention. >> three miles per hour or six miles per hour, right? >> exactly. this time they looked at mid-sized cars. sometimes've own a little bump like that, $3,000 in damages. that was for a 2009 pontiac g-6. some did not get good ratings. some god good. nissan maxima, chevy mall i but graded poor. >> the moral of the story
the protesters are not necessarily representative of america, but they should be heard. the gop has said that a lot of americans are very skeptical about the cost and the scope of the health care reform overhaul. >>> a florida jury awarded a man nearly $2 million in damages for the death of his wife. she was a two-pack-a-day smoker for about 50 years. the jury found her cigarette maker philip morris partly responsible for the lung cancer that killed her. the attorney said it should be marked by a case on appeal. >>> check out this video. the car is a wreck. but the two women trapped inside are oklahoma thanks to a daring rescue. the car fell about 30 feet over a cliff in missouri but rescuers say it could have fallen 200 feet if it had not been for a three-inch thick tree. well, the woman who was driving hit the gas instead of the brake. >> i was praying, yeah. i was. i think that's why we came out okay because they got us out safely. i heard sirens. i knew they'd rescue us. >> it took more than two hours to rescue the women. it happened at the same spot where crews practiced for that ki
anything that nationalizes health insurance -- or health care in america. i won't do anything that will allow government bureaucrats to get between you and your doctor. >> senator grassley, please give my teleprompter here. i have heard your recent rhetoric that we all want the same thing, health care reform. i disagree on every level. we have to stop giving ground. the government isn't the answer. it's the cancer. >> none would provide coverage to illegal immigrants but that subject keeps coming up in a lot of town hall meetings. >> illegal alans will not be in this bill. we're going to take a look at it and you're welcome to as well. >>> look at this fire. it is forcing hundreds of fam y families out of their homes this morning. it broke out last night near the santa cruz mountains in california. fires tripled to about 1200 acres. they don't know what started it or when they're going to get it under control. >>> all right. louisville basketball coach rick pitino con fenced to having an affair. >> that's rye. he said, yes, he did, in fact, have a, quote, indiscretion six yea
for president. >> i have come here tonight to stand with you to change america, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals, and to elect barack obama president of the united states. >> kennedy became the patriarch of the family. including his children uncle teddy was a father figure to many of his nieces and nephews. in 1996 hoe walked his brother's daughter carolyn kennedy down the aisle. he could not attend the funeral of his sister eunice earlier this month because of his own problems. he was the third longest serving senator in u.s. history. he took over his brother john's seat in 1962. we're going to be remembering him all morning. because we're hln we're also covering other news of the day. let me step into that for a while. >>> a teen accused of bringing pipe bombs to the school is being charged today. they think he was targeting faculty he believe had wronged him. two bombs went off but there was no serious damage or injuries. a teacher described how he stopped the teen. >> he's running toward people instead of toward safety, so that kind of made me a little bit kind of leery ab
cloudy skies again. you can see the orange building, bank of america, just about covered up. you will, in fact, see delays at the airport for that. here is what we have for the morning, new york city, east wind popping up later today, half hour delay. down south a little bit farther, delays around charlotte. showers coming in right now. and we'll see more rain as a possibility around atlanta today, mainly in the morning, with delays in the low clouds and san francisco morning fog later this afternoon. more on that, robin, in a little bit. >> thank you. >>> high school football coach goes to trial today, trying to prove his innocence in the death of one of his players. here is larry smith with more on that. >> good morning, robin. death of offensive lineman max gilman was an accident, collapsed in 94-degree heat, died three days later. former louisville, kentucky coach, faces a reckless homicide charge. several coaches organizations have donated to his defense. adjacent to a soccer field, stinson refused to give water on the day gilpin died, they say. stinson claims innocence. >>> look
, very important. this is america. this is rough and tumble. that's what we're here for, so there's no problem with that. but this is something else. congressman scott's office was vandalized less than a week after he got into a heated argument over health care at a town hall meeting. >>> yesterday hilary clinton kind of lost her cool after the translator botched the question. conan o'brien loved it. >> yesterday in africa, secretary of state hilary clinton lost her temper at a college student after he asked her husband's opinion on a certain issue. she got mad. i can understand why she got upset because the question was, who is hotter, megan fox or eva longoria? while hilary clinton is gone, mr. clinton is in las vegas celebrating his birthday. which begs the question, if hilary clinton is in africa and bill clinton is in vegas, why is bill the one that woke up ten feet from a goet? >> the crowd didn't laugh, they just went, oooh! after hilary clinton found out what happened with the translator, she and the student shook hands. >>> the exclusive footage of nadia suleman and her k
this wouldn't stop. all right. still won. you know who else won? michael phelps. he and team america walked away as champions in rome. femes suffered his first major floss years to start tournament and then finished the meet by helping america's men win the 400 meter relay and set a world record, set the butterfly. he was motivated by his mom. she was there. wanted to do well for her. >> have you seen her when he doesn't do well? >> shakes her head. >> does not approve. >> she was happy then. >>> thousands are expected to attend today's funeral for slain boxer vernon forest, the former champ was shot by robbers trying to get his rolex watch and championship ring. this is is a guy will be definitely missed in the area known for charity work and his murderer is one of several high-profile crimes in the area. officials are blaming it on an increase on gang violence. june a 18-year-old deaf woman won the motor cross at the x-games. she came from the back of the pack to win as she crossed the finish line this girl pumps her fist in the air there she continues to gain national attention, incredib
. >> good morning, robin. this is a story that's gaining national attention. "america's most wanted" started profiling it. police believe all the media attention helped. he was robbed with his godson. a man turned himself in for that crime. he's been charged with murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. that's him there. cops don't believe he pulled the trigger. police say this surveillance video shows where and where other suspects at the apartment where they killed forrest. police say forrest grabbed a gun and went after the robbers before being shot several times in the back. >>> jon bon jovi is losing his football league. bon jovi's philadelphia, they were the champions this year. he's not commenting but the team's website is already shut down. that is a shock to the heart. i'm sorry. i don't mean to make fun. it's a bad day for him. >>> lou holtz, numerous reports say the coach met with top republicans about running for a seat in florida. he said some things on tv that may hurt him. last year he called adolf hitler a great leader when comparing him to michigan's football coach. he
research. it says it's from the biggest banks tend to charge the most. ci citibank, bank of america, wells fargo. they say we're taking a big risk by letting you go over your credit and have to make up for that by charging this money. >>> you know people don't want to pay for something if they can get it for free? as it turns out, that is hurting the porn industry. the movie makers, actress, models, they're all making a lot less money because people who want pornography can get plenty of it for free on the internet. industry insiders say porn revenue dropped 30 to 50% just since 2007. what a shame. you can get a lot of news for free on the web. apparently, you can get that for free, too. >> here you thought it was recession proof. thank you. >>> new trials for a 69 vaccine are going on across the country and we'll hear from one man who said, yeah, he signed up. >> it was pretty gross. the kids thought it was pretty funny. >>> absolutely, wild, crazy. >> a town has found a new energy source and it comes straight from people's bathrooms! >>> people are lining up for experimental swine flu va
$50 million worth of tickets in north america. so it's dangerous for them that they spent so much on a big star. films starring denzel washington, and john travolta this summer all struggled. and some economists are starting to say to the studios maybe they're not worth the hefty salaries, especially, you know, some of the hit movies too have been like "the hangover," have been no-names. >> now the will farrell, i would have been gone to see if it was a new thing, but land of the lost, come on? >> some of those ideas are popular these days -- >> i think it's stupid. >> anything but at home. >> all right. i could make so many jokes, but i won't. >>> things got rough when a passenger allegedly took off all of his clothes during the flight and authorities say the man's antiques sent a woman to the hospital. >>> you know, pilot had to land a plane after a passenger got naked and violent. check out the photo of his arrest. deputies say that the man exposed himself to the woman sitting next to him, punched her in the face, and then took off the rest of his clothes. police say that the f
their relationship earlier this year. >>> one of the most closely watched and contentious lists of america's best colleges is out now. "u.s. news and world reports" says harvard and princeton tied for number one. yale is in third. four universities -- four tied for fourth. critics say the rankings pressure folks on boosting scores instead of improving teaching. but some educators say they're a helpful consumer tool. >>> here is the story that makes you go hmmm. i wonder. an nba star's laptop has been stolen, and his lawyer is just kind of bonkers about it. worried that what's on there is going to get out. which makes you go, what's on there? hi, rafer. >> good morning, robin. that's right. their reaction to it has maybe created a little bit more of a demand, perhaps, of what's on there. we don't know. l.a. clippers star darren davis is the player. he sent a letter to the smoking gun. the laptop was stolen and in the letter, the lawyer threatened legal action to anyone who publishes anything on that computer and says it contains, quote, a variety of pictures and images of davis, his associates and
're traveling here with the airplanes. we'll talk about that a little bit as well. there's the bank of america building, it's the brown one. north of chicago and lake michigan and lower parts of wisconsin. it's raining here and raining steadily for the last few hours. flash flood watches are up there for areas like chicago. we've seen two to three inches of rain over the last 36 hours, that rain stretching on into michigan, northern indiana and ohio later today as well. rain showers, thunderstorms right around dallas. on the light side, may pick up later this afternoon, but it's going to be hot out west and we'll talk about that in about a half hour. natasha? >> all right, bob. thanks very much. >>> the economic signs have been pointing in the right direction for wall street, and today we have better than expected readings on the job market and the overall economy. oh, yeah. susan lisovicz is live at the stock market with details. hey, susan. >> we have two reports better than expected. it's not like the u.s. economy is going gangbusters, let's face it, but it's better than it was. the dow is
in berlin, and he got a piece of hd on it. >>> and also in berlin, a proud moment for america when dwight phillips won the long jump 73 years after the great jesse owens won the same event at the berlin olympics. phillips jumped 28 feet and a quarter inch. the u.s. walked away with the most gold and the most medals. >>> and one of basketball's biggest stars is playing the role of filmmaker. lebron james, the king, unveiled a documentary. "more than a game" in akron and it's about james and four of his childhood buddies from the inner city of making their dream come true of winning a high school national championship. that guy has very little free time. >> what does he not do? what is he, like 24 years old. what have you done? >> i'm going to keep reading the teleprompter. >>> we're just getting this in for you, firefighters have found and removed the bodies of two firefighters from a burned out building in buffalo, new york. it's a very sad ending to this story. the two men had been trapped inside. you're looking at some video from minutes ago when the first body was brought out. the fire
ways to help customers save money. that's my bank of america card. that's the one i want to use. ( whooshing, riders cheering ) - hello! - ha! why don't you try a home cooked meal... with yummy hamburger helper? oh! tada! fantastically tasty, huh? ummm, it's good. what would you guys like? hamburger helper. what?! one pound... one pan... one tasty meal! >> jaycee, if you hear mommy, i love you, and i want you to come home tonight. >> that was the emotional plea from jaycee dugard's mother in 1991. and now mother and daughter have reunited 18 years later. california authorities say convicted sex offender phillip garrido kept her in his backyard compound. police believe her two daughters, ages 11 and 15, are his. of. >>> right now, people are lining up to say their goodness to senator ted kennedy. his body is lying in repose at the jfk presidential museum in boston today. more than 20,000 people lined up yesterday. president obama will give a eulogy at his funeral tomorrow. >>> tropical storm danny is aiming for the east coast. it's expected to make for some dangerous surf and rip
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